Our Story

We are a team of driven professionals who came together through a vision of caring for the elderly. We believe elderly deserve the best care possible, they cared for us as children and now it is our time to give back to them. With everyone living busy lives and often away from home for long periods of time we wanted to build a trusted ecosystem that we could trust to take care of our family when we couldn’t be there ourselves.

We believe people are the core of this mission and we believe technology can enable people to truly care for our families in a holistic and compassionate way. We have set out to build an ecosystem that will enable our families to be cared for by people that become your family and trusted partner. We want to bring the best in people and technology to your homes so you can know that your family is well taken care of from wherever you are.

Poonyah was conceptualised and founded by Deepti Atrish who has first hand faced the concerns of looking after an elderly mother in a different country. Deepti had settled in the UK with her young family but was always concerned for her mother in India. She had to travel back and forth ensuring things were in place for her mother which isn’t the most efficient.Her drive and vision for the Poonyah platform comes from helping others in a similar situation to herself.

She has grown a team of strong professionals who believe in the same vision and drive for Poonyah and hope to reach as many elderly people as possible and become true partners in their journey in their well being.

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