Caring For Elderly Family Members:

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Recently, India has seen a palpable shift toward the concept of nuclear families. As most people from the present generation live far away from their parents and lead a busy lifestyle, they are often riddled with constant concern about their parent’s health issues and loneliness along with the guilt of not being able to take care of them. Poonyah, a London-based technology-enabled home care firm, has come up with a solution to address all these worries.

With an objective to help senior citizens living alone both during times of emergency as well as in their day-to-day lives, Poonyah provides users with remote monitoring and assistance, companionship and practical on-demand help. It makes it easier for its users to take care of their loved ones remotely while offering complete privacy, simplicity and peace of mind in the process. Through the use of technology and seamless professional support, the Poonyah App along with its partner networks offers an ecosystem for seniors to get them help at their fingertips.

Sharing insights from her personal life that led to the advent of her company, Deepti Atrish, Founder and CEO, Poonyah remarked, “I live far away from my mother and on a holiday with her, I started noticing changes in her behaviour. Upon diagnosis, we got to know those were signs of early dementia. My mother did not require a nurse full time but constant monitoring and help was needed. Instead of worrying while I was away in London and she was back home in India, I decided to do something about it.”

“Making use of my technological background and seeking solutions from professionals, we realized that the revolution of technologies such as AI and IoT are redefining modern health care. So we decided to make use of this along with the help of professionals to provide our elderly loved ones, not just with health care but also the assistance of all kinds: be it social, emotional, financial or legal. This led to the inception of Poonyah.”     

Launched in 2018, Poonyah currently operates in Haridwar and will soon open offices in Delhi NCR with an aim to cover Uttarakhand, Himachal and NCR as the next few months ensue. Amongst the key services that Poonyah provides are skilled and responsive staff, FDA-approved health-monitoring devices, an expert panel of doctors, wellness Programs, events and workshops, an app-based health monitoring platform, emergency support as well as regular weekly/monthly monitoring.

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